Velocity Micro Raptor S77 gaming laptop review: Custom-made for the hardcore

Velocity Micro Raptor S77 Review

Jason R. Rich

There are plenty of quality gaming machines out there, from brands like Asus ROG, Dell Alienware, Lenovo and Razer. But what if you’re such a hardcore gamer that you want the same level of customization from a gaming laptop as you’d get from a dedicated desktop? You’ll want to check out Velocity Micro’s latest offerings.

The team at Velocity Micro recently sent me a fully loaded Raptor S77 gaming laptop for review. After spending weeks using it to play all sorts of locally installed, cloud-based and multiplayer titles, I’ve got thoughts. If you’ve been dreaming about investing in a high-performance gaming laptop, keep reading to see why the Raptor S77 might be the mobile gaming machine you’re looking for.

Velocity Micro Raptor S77: At a glance

Velocity Micro Raptor S77 Review

Velocity Micro

Display size: 17-inches | Display type: QHD or UHD | Display resolution: 2,560 x 1,440 or 3,840 x 2,160 pixels | Display refresh rate: 144Hz or 240Hz | Operating system: Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro | CPU: 14th Gen Intel Core i9-14900HX | GPU: Nvidia RTX 4000 | RAM: 16GB | Storage: 500GB | Battery capacity: 6 cell 80Wh Polymer battery pack | RGB lighting: Backlit keyboard with numeric keypad | Keyboard: Two layout options | Ports: 1x HDMI, 1x mini DisplayPort, 1 Thunderbolt 4, 2x USB Type-A, 1x USB Type-C, 2x 3.5mm audio jack, 1x Ethernet | Wireless connectivity: Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.0 | Speakers: Stereo | Dimensions: 15.59 x 10.32 x 0.98 inches | Weight: 6.17 pounds 

The Velocity Micro Raptor S77 that was provided to me included a 14th Gen Intel Core i9-14900HX processor, Nvidia GeForce 4070 GPU, 32GB of RAM, a 17.3-inch 4K UHD (3,840 x 2,160 pixel) resolution display with a 144Hz refresh rate, and a 2TB SSD for storage. The price for this configuration would be just over $3,000.

Every gaming laptop sold is supported by a lifetime upgrade program. During the life of the computer, the user has the option to return a system at anytime for updates; you can pay to have certain components, like the RAM, SSD and Wi-Fi card upgraded. You’re also entitled to have your gaming laptop professionally cleaned and maintained.

A gaming laptop made just for you

What sets this company apart is that you can completely customize your gaming laptop — including its core components, audio and video components, storage, communications capabilities and selection of pre-installed software. The exact laptop you configured online gets custom-made just for you.

Velocity Micro also puts a U.S.-based team of experts at your disposal via live messaging, phone or email. You can get unlimited help with the configuration and setup process and then get tech support moving forward. 

Velocity Micro Raptor S77: First impressions

The first thing I noticed was its size and weight. It’s definitely on the hefty side. It measures 15.59 x 10.32 x 0.98 inches and weighs in at 6.17 pounds. But consider: You’re getting a 17.3-inch display, full-size keyboard, and an extra-large touchpad — and this computer accommodates an embedded six cell polymer battery pack (80WH).

Velocity Micro Raptor S77 Review

Jason R. Rich

The keyboard includes a numeric keypad, supports multiple languages, offers customizable RGB lighting and lets users create macros. The touchpad is seven inches (measured diagonally), so it’s on the large side. I also found it to be extremely responsive, but when gaming, I wound up using an external mouse to play games in the way I prefer. 

Velocity Micro Raptor S77 Review

Jason R. Rich

The larger size of the Raptor S77 also means plenty of space for ports. There’s an HDMI output port, a Mini DisplayPort, a DisplayPort over USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C port, two USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A ports, a Thunderbolt 4 port, an ethernet port and two 3.5mm audio jacks. These ports make it easy and convenient to connect whatever accessories you need, but there’s one drawback: The two USB Type-A ports are on the left side, while the USB Type-C ports are on the right side. 

Velocity Micro Raptor S77 Review

Jason R. Rich

I would have liked to see one USB Type-A and one USB Type-C port on each side of the laptop. The power, HDMI and ethernet ports are conveniently located on the back.

Velocity Micro Raptor S77 Review

Jason R. Rich

Like all gaming laptops, the battery life in this model can be limited, based on the games you’re playing. When you’re using the computer in your own gaming space, you’ll probably wind up keeping it plugged in. For that, you’ll use the included power adapter. The one that comes with the Raptor S77 is also on the large and heavy side, which takes away from the computer’s overall portability, unless you plan to leave the adapter behind.

The main part of the power adapter is shaped like a brick (and is almost the same size). It measures 7 x 3.25 x 1.5 inches. The thicker cable than runs from the AC outlet to the charger block is just over three feet long, while the thinner cable that goes from the charger block to the back of the computer is just under four feet long.

Velocity Micro Raptor S77 Review

Jason R. Rich

Based on your gaming style, you can likely enjoy at least a few hours of gaming on the go. To use it as the centerpiece of a powerful gaming setup in your usual gaming space, consider an external gaming monitor, mouse, keyboard and gaming headset. Whichever option you choose, you can expect premium performance and ultra-smooth gameplay — even when playing the most graphic-intense and action-oriented games.

Velocity Micro Raptor S77: My gaming experience

I logged into my Xbox Game Pass account and downloaded a handful of games. I also installed “Fortnite: Battle Royal” and a few other titles from different sources. During play, I relied on the laptop’s own keyboard, display and stereo speakers. At times, I added an external mouse and used the Raptor S77 with Bluetooth earbuds and a wireless gaming headset. I also tried a few games using an external controller.

Regardless of what game I was playing or the accessories I used, the Raptor S77 consistently delivered the smooth gaming you’d expect from a high-performance laptop. And while it automatically switched to optimum settings for each game I played, I could easily tinker with those settings whenever I felt like it.

Velocity Micro Raptor S77 Review

Jason R. Rich

The built in speakers offer high quality audio, although, like most gamers, I found myself using either a gaming headset or wireless earbuds most of the time. My biggest complaint with this gaming laptop is the noise of the cooling fans that run whenever a game is played. The fans can be annoyingly loud.

As you’d expect from a premium gaming laptop, there are cooling vents along both sides and the back of the laptop. So, while it runs at the temperature needed for peak efficiency, expect to hear the almost constant hum of the fans. (For this reason, I recommend noise-cancelling headphones, earbuds or a gaming headset.)

Despite the noise, the Raptor S77 is extremely well made and delivers fast and smooth performance. It also comes ready for VR and Windows mixed-reality tech, and has a built in FHD webcam. And if you take advantage of Velocity Micro’s Lifetime Upgrade Program and included maintenance program, you can keep this laptop up to date as needed. 

Is the Velocity Micro Raptor S77 worth it?

I’ve yet to find a “perfect” gaming laptop. But, when it comes to a portable gaming machine, I found the Raptor S77 to be exceptional. Here are 10 things about the Raptor S77 that I love, plus a few things I wasn’t a huge fan of.

10 things I like most about the Raptor S77 gaming laptop

  • The 17.3-inch QHD display is gorgeous. And thanks to its 240Hz refresh rate, fast-moving animations are consistently smooth. 
  • The display offers G-Sync support, 100% DCI-P3, an exceptionally wide viewing angle and a matte finish that’s easy on the eyes.
  • Up to five displays can be connected and controlled simultaneously. Thanks to all those ports, you’ll find using the Raptor S77 as a centerpiece for a gaming system to be an absolute pleasure.
  • Connecting an external keyboard and mouse is a viable option and allows gamers to stick with their preferences without serious sacrifice.
  • Velocity Micro’s Lifetime Upgrade Program and Maintenance Program ensure that your investment in the Raptor S77 will allow for years of future gaming. When the time is right, upgrade the Wi-Fi card to support Wi-Fi 7. These programs alone offer serious value.
  • Velocity Micro’s sales and tech support team are U.S.-based and readily accessible. The company’s online support hub is one of the most extensive we’ve encountered, and it includes video tutorials. Lifetime tech support is included.
  • All of the components, from the CPU and GPU, to the RAM, SSD and other key components, come from name brands and are expertly installed and thoroughly tested.
  • Beyond gaming, the laptop’s 4K display, HDR support, fast refresh rate, Wi-Fi 6E and integrated stereo speakers make it ideal for streaming video, especially high-action special-effects movies. Of course, you can use this model for any school or work tasks too.
  • Create programmable macros and assign unique RGB colors to keys to further enhance your gameplay.
  • Right out of the box, the computer supports variable rate shading, Microsoft DirectX 12 and Nvidia CUDA technology to provide the most visually compelling gaming experiences possible. 

Three things I don’t like about the Raptor S77 gaming laptop

  • The laptop itself is portable, but it’s neither small or lightweight. It measures 15.59 x 10.32 x 0.98 inches and it weighs 6.17 pounds, but that’s without the power adapter.
  • The power adapter is also bulky and heavy – with a brick-like shape.
  • The cooling system and fans are very loud (almost annoyingly so). I used noise cancelling headphones, but people in nearby rooms could easily to hear the fans.

Velocity Micro Raptor S77: Final thoughts…

A custom Velocity Micro Raptor S77 will cost you. But what you’re getting is personalized computer, expertly made just for you, using high-quality and name brand components. You can also to send the laptop back to the factory anytime to upgrade components (for a fee), which virtually guarantees it’ll be future-proof for years. Plus, you get the computer professionally maintained and have access to U.S.-based tech support for the life of the computer. Those are perks most gaming laptop companies just don’t offer.

Regardless of what types of games I played, my experience was fun and hassle-free. While the starting price of the Raptor S77 is around $2,300, plan on spending around $3,000 to get the gaming laptop of your dreams.

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