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Console Command Description Toggle Commands tgm Toggle God Mode – Enables complete invincibility and unlimited ammo. tim Toggle Immortal Mode – Enables you to take damage, but you’ll never reach 0 health. psb Player Spellbook – Unlocks all available powers. tdetect Toggle Detect – NPCs will no longer detect you. tcai Toggle Combat AI – Combat AI will no longer target you. This can be disabled and enabled by re-entering the code. tcl Toggle No Clip – Character collision is disabled, allowing you to fly through walls, floors, and other objects. This can be disabled and enabled by re-entering the code. tm Toggle Menus – Toggle UI menus on/off. tfc Toggle Freefly Camera – The Camera is detached from the player, and you’re free to fly about the map. Targeted Commands additem (Item ID) (Value) Adds Items – Specified items will be added to your character. (Ref ID).amod (OMOD ID) Attach Weapon Mods – Specified weapon mods will be applied to your reference weapon. An item’s Reference ID can be obtained while in the Command Console and clicking on any items dropped on the ground to reveal their Reference ID.
See our Item IDs and Codes Guide for a full list of Weapon Modifier codes. (Ref ID).rmod (OMOD ID) Remove Attached Weapon Mod – Specified weapon mods will be removed to your reference weapon. An item’s Reference ID can be obtained while in the Command Console and clicking on any items dropped on the ground to reveal their Reference ID. killall Kill All NPCs – All NPCs in the area will be killed. kah Kill All Hostiles – All hostile NPCs in the area will be killed. resurrect Resurrect NPC – Selected NPC will be resurrected. For this command to work, you’ll need to select the NPC while in the console command menu so their Reference ID appears, then enter the cheat code. unlock Unlock Doors and Containers – Unlock your current target door or container. In order for this to be a success, you must select the door while in the console menu, and then input the command. sexchange Change Character Gender – Changes your Character’s gender to the opposite sex. showmenu sleepwaitmenu Show Sleep / Wait Menu – Quickly access the wait menu, allowing you to adjust time on the fly. Player Commands player.setlevel (Value) Increase Character Level – Increases your character to the specified level. player.additem (Item ID) (Value) Add Items to Inventory – Specified items will be added to your inventory. See our Best Starfield Item IDs section for a list of all the best and most commonly needed items in Starfield. player.placeatme (Item ID) (Value) Spawn Item/Creature at You – The specified item or creature will be spawned directly in front of your character. player.paycrimegold 0 0 (Faction ID) Pay Off Bounties – Remain out of jail, keep all stolen items, and pay off any outstanding Bounties for a specified Faction. showlooksmenu player 1 Open Character Creator – Opens the character creator menu, allowing you to adjust your character’s appearance, name, background, and traits. player.removeperk (Perk ID) Remove Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds – The specified skill, trait, or background will be removed from your character. See our Skill, Trait, and Background IDs below. player.addperk (Perk ID) Add Skills, Traits, and Backgrounds – The specified skill, trait, or background will be added to your character. Do note that you will need to have a spare perk, trait, or background slot available in order to add a perk to your character. So, be sure to remove a perk first before attempting this command. player.setav carryweight (Value) Increase Carry Weight – Sets carry weight to the specified value. psb Player Spell Book – All spells will be unlocked. Quest Commands saq Start All Quests – All Main Story and Side Quests will be started. Please note this is likely to cause game crashes, so proceed with caution and ensure you have recently saved your game. caqs Complete Main Quests – All Main Story Quests will be completed. Please note this is likely to cause game crashes, so proceed with caution and ensure you have recently saved your game. Other Commands ShowHighMaxHeights (shmh) Shows or hides the high res max height data. EnableStoryManagerLogging Enable story manager logging. DumpPapyrusStacks (dps) Dumps all Papyrus stack information the log. DumpPapyrusTimers Dumps all Papyrus timer registrations to the log. DumpPapyrusLOSEvents Dumps all Papyrus LOS event registrations to the log. DumpPapyrusDistanceEvents Dumps all Papyrus distance event registrations to the log. DumpPapyrusPersistenceInfo (dppi) Dumps everything in Papyrus persisting the reference called on, or passed. DumpPapyrusEventRegistrations Dumps all Papyrus event registrations for the specified object (and script). RunCompaction Run a pass of compaction if possible. ToggleImmortalMode Toggle Immortal mode (health/stamina/magicka can decrease but never go to zero). SetSubgraphToDebug Subgraph To Debug. EnableRumble Enables / Disables rumble. HavokVDBCapture Havok VDB Capture ToggleNavmeshInfo Toggle a view mode similar to the map camera and displays navmesh infos. PlaySyncAnim Play Sync Anim. SetFormKnown Sets the known flag on a form. SetDebugQuest Sets the quest to be the only one startable from its event type. SetQuestAliasLogging Turns alias logging on/off for a quest. SetRace Sets the passed in actor’s race. FindForm (find) Find a form. StartPapyrusScriptProfile (StartPSP) Starts profiling a Papyrus script. StopPapyrusScriptProfile (StopPSP) Stops profiling a Papyrus script. StartPapyrusFormProfile (StartPFP) Starts profiling Papyrus scripts on a form. StopPapyrusFormProfile (StopPFP) Stops profiling Papyrus scripts on a form. StartPapyrusStackRootProfile Starts profiling all Papyrus stacks starting at a script. StopPapyrusStackRootProfile Stops profiling all Papyrusstacks starting at a script. TogglePapyrusGlobalProfiler (TPGP) Toggles Papyrus global profiling on and off (profiles everything) PrintQuestSceneInfo Prints to the Quest Inf file the current state of scenes. IsInvulnerable Is the actor invulnerable? CollisionMesh Toggle Mesh Collision Info HavokWorldStep (hkstep) Toggle BhkWorld Havok Step Info IsolateRendering Enable isolated rendering for selected object. ToggleWaterCurrentGeometry Displays or hides water current geometry. PerformAction Performs the specified action on the selected actor. StartTrackPlayerDoors Starts tracking palyer-activiated teleport doors. StopTrackPlayerDoors Stops tracking player-activated teleport doors. CheckPlayerDoors Compares the Tracked Player path with the quest target path. SetInChargen Toggles aspects of Chargen Mode on/off [savingDisabled] [waitingDisabled][activationMessageDisabled] ForceReset Force the game to run a full reset. ForceCloseFiles Close masterfile and plugins. Useful for letting CreationKit save to a plugin that is also loaded in-game. See also HotLoadPlugin. [Caution: Use at own risk! Gameplay and new savegames may be unstable.] HotLoadPlugin (HLP) Load or reload the named plugin. Useful for getting changes without restarting. See also ForceCloseFiles. [Caution: Use at own risk! Modified running quests will be stopped (and restarted if possible). Gameplay and new savegames may be unstable.] GenerateBendableSpline (Spline) Generate a bendable spline geometry instance. Reload () Reloads the specified Papyrus script. TestAim Test an actor’s aim. TestLook Test an actor’s looking. PushCamera Push camera to editor. MoveToEditorCamera Move to the editor camera. MoveToEditorSelection Move to the editor selection. PlaceFurnitureTester (PFT) Place actor, who will use the selected furniture. Can specify actor type via optional parameter. DumpConditionsFunctions Output the current counters for condition function calls. ReloadAnimationGraphs Reload the currently loaded animation graphs. ToggleWeaponOverlay Toggle the weapon overlay. ForceDetect Forces the selected actor to detect the specified actor. ChangeAnimArchetype (caa) Change the selected actor’s anim archetype. ChangeAnimFlavor Change the selected actor’s animal flavor. SetAngryWithPlayer Set the angry with player flag. ForceRepath Force the actor to repath. ForcePathFailure Force the actor’s path to fail. DumpFormList Dump the contens of given formlist to the console output. TraceAnimationEvents Trace an actor’s animation events. ShowMods Show all property mods on an object. DumpInputEnableLayers Dumps all currently used input enable layers to the console. AttachMod Attach a mod to an object. RemoveMod Remove a mod from an object. SpawnTemplatedObject Spawn a ref to a templated object.[object, ilevel, pkeyword1, pkeyword2] CallFunction Calls a papyrus function on the targeted ref. First parameter is the function, the rest are parameters. CallQuestFunction (cqf) Calls a papyrus function on a quest. Second parameter is the function, the rest are parameters. CallGlobalFunction (cgf) Calls a global papyrus function. First parameter is the function, the rest are parameters. ResetInputEnableLayer Resets all control disables on a specific input enable layer. ForceEnablePlayerControls (fepc) Force-enables the player’s controls, regardless of layers, see EnablePlayerControls. ResetForceEnabledPlayerControls Resets all force-enabled player controls. GetActorRefOwner Prints the owner of the currently selected reference. SetActorRefOwner (saro) Sets ownership of the currently selected reference to the specified actor (or if not actor is specified, to the player). HasActorRefOwner (haro) Returns 1 if the currently selected reference has an owner, or 0 otherwise. SetOutfit Change the default outfit for the actor. PassTime Passes the given number of hours asif the player were sleeping. LinkLocations Links two locations under the given keyword. ShowLinkedLocations Outputs all locations linked to the given one under the given keyword. SetLinkedRef Links the current ref to the given one under the given keyword. ResetContainer Resets the currently selected container, or if you specify “1”, then it’ll reset all containers. SetSceneForDebug Sets the current debug scene. PreloadExterior Preloads the exterior data for the currently selected ref. TestPath Debug function to test a path. ToggleControlsOverly Toggle Controls Overlay Refresh Rebug function to refresh a reference. DynamicResolution Change the dynamic resolution settings. TestLoadingMenu Debug function to open/close the Loading menu in the Loading thread. RecalcInstanceData Debug function recalc instance data for the selected ref or all loaded refs if nothing is selected. ToggleReferencePose Roggles forcing an animgraph for the selected actor to be in the reference pose. May specify “target” or “rig” as well. SetPersistLocation Debug function to set the persist loc on reference. SetLocationRefType Debug function to set the loc ref type for a location on a reference. ShowLocData Debug function to dump data about a location. ReserveLoc Debug function to reserve a location so it can’t be used for most aliases. UpdateAwakeSound (UAS) Update the selected actor’s currentl conscious loop. SetHarvested Mark the current reference as Harvested or not. PauseScene Pause or unpause the specified scene. SpawnDupe Make a duplicate ref of the selected ref. DisableDistantReferences Disable references more than a certain distance from the selected ref. FireAssert Fire an assert (with text passed, if available). ForcePersistent Force a reference to become persistent. PlayActionCamera (pac) Play this action camera on the reference with target reference. StopActionCamera Stop the action camera. ChangeStance Change the actor’s stance. AuditionWwiseEvent Set of commands for auditioning Wwise events. AuditionReverbForm (arf) Force a given Reverb form to be active. SetWwiseState (sws) Sets a global Wwise State BuildAnimationData (bad) Build the animation data for the actor. SwitchSkeleton Toggles between standard and chargen skeletons for an actor. GetHelloorGreeting () Prints out the info id for actiors hello/greeting to actor param. One of these should be the player. SetBoneTintRegion Add bone tint data to an object’s 3d given a region ID (integer) of that object. SendDialogueEvent Sends a dialogue event for the selected and target actor. SetForceSpeechChallengeAlwaysSucceed () player will always succeed at speech challenge. SetForceSpeechChallengeAlwaysFail () player will always fail at speech challenge. RunMaterialsAnalysis (rma) Compares the materials of the selected reference. CaptureMessages () Captures DebugString, USER1 and USER2 messages using a Message Event Listener and sends the outout to CaptureMessage.Iua ToggleTrijuice Toggles Trijuicing in the renderer (may slightly degrade texture filtering quality in exchange for improved performance). SetPresentThreshold (spt) Set percentage (0-100) of scanlines covered before swap threshold is hit: default 0 (always swap) LinkFullAccount Link full Bnet account to game-account: (username) (password) IsLoggedIn (isonline) Is the player logged in to GetLegalDocs (getlegaldocs) Retrieves a list of all required legal documents. AcceptLegalDoc Accepts a legal document based on its ID: acceptlegaldoc (id) GetDataAttachment Prints data from Profile Data Attachment: getattachment (type) (id) DeleteDataAttachment Deletes a Profile Data Attachment: deleteattachment (type) (id) UploadCharacterData Uploads character data playload as bnet Profile Data Attachment. GetAttachmentLeaderboard (getattachmentleaderboard) Gets attachment leaderboard page: getattachmentleaderboard (attachment type) (leaderboard type) LoadUnitedData Gets character data from leadersboard and caches it. MakeUnityNPC Updates NPC with data from unity cache. SetVolumetricLighting Parameters (vl) Set volumetric lighting parameters. StartWorkshop (workshop) Enter Workshop mode if the player is within the buildable area of a Workshop. ToggleVBlankOptim Toggles VBlank optim AddKeyword Add the given keyword to the reference RemoveKeyword Remove the given keyword on the reference. SetAmbientParticlesEnabled Enables(1)/disables(0) ambient particles. RemoveOutposts () Removes the given Outpost and all built items. SetESRAMSetup Force specific ESRAM setup (-1 for automatic setup). CallStackTraceDepth Set the callstack depth when tracing it. CommandedActivated Commands selected actor to use a reference. EnableGalaxyMode Enables/Disables galaxy mode. ToggleStarFieldDebug Toggles the StarField debug on or off. SetStarFieldCoordinateScale () Sets the StarField coordinate scale. SetStarSystemScale (sss) Sets the star system scale. MoveToPlanet If target player ship, move to or give path to pilot to (target) (1 to do full jump sequence). SetOrbitSpeedScale Sets global orbit speed scale. InstanceNamingRules Export instance naming rule data to file INRExport.txt. GetOrbisModInfo Prints info relating to Orbis mod game data files. ToggleSceneDebug Show debug state for scene. SetFarClip Set far clip value. (-1 to clear override) ToggleOverdraw Toggle overdraw RecordScene Capture screen shots of scene. (Scene EditorID, [FPS 60 default]) LandOnPlanet (lop) Land on a planet. (lop <planetname> <ion> <lat> <deg or=”” rad=””>)</deg></lat></ion></planetname> TakeOffToSpace Take off to space. PreviewBodyResources (pbr) Previews resources for a planet. SendAffinityEvent (AffinityEvent [ObjRef]) Run an affinity event on an optional object reference. AddPower AddPower (part) # RemovePower RemovePower (part) # MatlockCapture Force matlock to realize a capture. ToggleSnapNodeMarkers Force matlock to realize a capture. ToggleSnapNodeMarkers Toggle snap node markers. SetVoiceType Set an override voice type on an actor. AddWorldSpaceToPlanet Adds a world space to a planet. DebugDataProvider Set the name of the UI Data Provider we want to debug. LoadAll3D Load all queued 3D. PrintAllMenus (pam) Print all active menus. PrintAllInputContext (paic) Print the input context stack. AddPlotToBody (AddPlot) Plot a route to this body. ReloadFaceData Reload face data. SetGravityScale Sets gravity scale on a ref’s parent cell. PreviewBlock PreviewBlock (blockname) (biome). ExportTerrainTextures Export terrain textures. ExportTerrainGrids Export terrain grids. ExportTerrainHeightMap Export terrain height map. ExportTerrainSplatMap Explort terrain splat map. ExportTerrainMaterialIndexMap Export terrain material index map. ExportTerrainFiles Export terrain files. UpdateTerrainClipmaps Refresh Terrain Clipmaps. ToggleDebugCamera Toggle debug camera (mode name) CyclePrevDebugCamera Cycle to previous debug camera. CycleNextDebugCamera Cycle to next debug camera. ToggleDebugCameraControls Toggle debug camera controls. SetImGuiWindowFunction (siw) Activate an ImGui window. InvokeUIEvent Invokes a ui > c++ event. HotReloadUI Hot Reloads the User Interface SWFs. SetPosRelativeToRef Script function to set the position of the picked ref relatively to another ref (defaulted to the player). FaceRef Make a ref face towards another ref (defaulted to the player), with an extra angle offset. SetWorkshopItem Set the Workshop menu’s Node Cursor to the currently selected reference, if any. GenerateNavMesh Generates nav-mesh on the current cell. LandOnPlanetAnimated Land players spaceship with animation. startNewGame Command to trigger new game on main menu without UI. ForcedBleedout Force an actor to enter bleedout. ForceConditionFormTrue Force a condition form to true. args: FromID, (enable)0/1, (permanent)0/1. ForceConditionFormFalse Force a condition form to false. args: FromID, (enable)0/1, (permanent)0/1. LandOnPlanetBiome Land on a planet’s biome. (lopb (planetname) (biome index) [(centered)0/1]) LandOnPlanetMarker Land at a marker on the current planet. TestAllPlanets TestPlanets ClearLinkedRef Clear a linked reference. SetLocalTime Sets the local time on the current planet, optionally updating the galaxy sim. ReloadMaterials Reloads all materials. PlacementOnCell Test overlay placement on a cell. (poc (cellindex.x)(xellindex.y)) ToggleWorkshopFlyCam Toggle workshop flycam. CheckBiomeMarker Finds uses in the loaded area of the given biome marker. TestBiomePlanet (tbp) Creates a full planet set to use the given biome exclusively and puts the player there. PreviewPattern PreviewPattern (patternname)(biome) SetHavokDynamic Set reference motion to dynamic with optional mass in kg. SetHavokKinematic Set reference motion to kinematic. SetHavokActive Set reference havok activity. SetHavokLOD Set reference collision lod. SetHavokLinearVelocity Set reference linear velocity. SetHavokAngularVelocity Set reference angular velocity. SetHavokCollisionLayer Set havok collision layer. SetHavokRagdollFriction Set havok ragdoll friction. SetHavokParam Set havok param. ShowHavokRagdollValues Show havok ragdoll values. StartHavokPartTest Start/reset havok particles test. StopHavokPartTest Stop havok particles test. SetOrientation Set reference orientation ToggleDebugText3D Toggle in game debug text. ToggleBioOverlay Toggle the BI Overlay. ToggleMetricViewer Spawn Metric Viewer PrintMessage Print a message to the screen (print (message) (time) (clear previous messages flag)) AddDebugTest Add debug text to a reference (AddDebugText (debug text) (size) (color) (background color) (border color) (offsetX) (offsetY) (offsetZ) (pinned flag) DisableActorPackage Disable or enable an actor’s package (DisableActorPackage (0/1)) StopBatchFile Stop a running batchfile. CenterOnSpaceCell Move to the specified space cell, optionally specify a ship. DependencyGraphDump Dump Dependency Graph. ToggleExperimentalShaders Toggles experimental shaders on/off. SetTestPlanetAndBiome Sets a test planet and biome for interior testing with biome markers. (stpb [planetname] [biome form | biome index])

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