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01 February 2024, 03:09

Check our guide on How to Solve All 21 Riddles in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League and learn how to unlock The Right Question and The Real Deal trophies.

Source: Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League; developer: Rocksteady Studios


Metropolis in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League is filled with Riddler’s mischievous Challenges and Riddles. While some puzzles offer a nostalgic wink and are pretty simple to crack for a big DC buff, others may be more complex or even frustrating. If you want to solve all 21 Riddles (and silence that annoying guy!), follow this guide.

Midtown – All Riddle Solutions

  1. Tough Brainiac has tanked Batman’s stocks, this place still proves that money talks – Scan the front entrance of Wayne Bank. It’s in the south part of the district.
  2. At both ends their candles burning bright minds in these halls of learning – Scan the front entrance of Stanhope College. It’s a street-level building in the southwest part of the district.
  3. Within the city’s fiscal stash, Lex Luther sits upon your cash – Scan the sign of Luthor Financial, it’s in the southeast of the district.

Wonderland – All Riddle Solutions

  1. Thrill the kids delight your tot! You want some fun? Give this a Schott – Scan the Schott’s Toys on a street corner, near the amusement park.
  2. A magic show, strange and absurd, the secret spell’s a mirrored word – Scan the Zatanna billboard or Zatanna sign on the main entrance in the northern side of the district.
  3. Rising high, a sun-kissed tower, a beacon of the city’s power – Scan the Solar Tower in the southern part of the district.

Central Business District – All Riddle Solutions

  1. With colors bright and profits low, here Simon says he runs the show – Scan the Stagg sign on the skyscraper in the western part of the district.
  2. The symbol of a reigning Queen, it’s where our Ollie makes his green – Scan the big neon green sign on the Queen Consolidated building. It’s in the center of the district.
  3. In Director Bones’s operation, see normal rise above its station – Scan the DEO sign on the Department of Extranormal Operations building near the Lexcorp.

Centennial Park – All Riddle Solutions

  1. Within their lair the Thousands plot, too many X’s mark the spot – This is a hard one. Scan a small door near the Super-Dood graffiti in a tunnel near the Superman statue in the southeast corner of the district.
  2. A stirring figure to behold, the world’s false idol cast in gold – Scan the Superman statue in the southeast corner of the district.
  3. To welcome those from far and wide, this sing spells out our civic pride – Scan the Metropolis sign in the western part of the district.

Suicide Slums – All Riddle Solutions

  1. A toast to those who came before, a bronze-cast Lex progenitor – Scan the bronze statue with a raised arm near the Green Lantern’s fortress in the center of this district.
  2. In quiet crypts, the city’s best, take Viking-like eternal rest – Scan the Valhalla sign on a small building with vines near the Green Lantern’s fortress.
  3. Here studying her crystal ball, the city’s mystic know-it-all – Scan the door of Madame Xanadu, east from the Lantern Fortress.

Bakerline – All Riddle Solutions

  1. Printing stories to astound, this planet makes the news around – Scan the Daily Planet sign or a statue on the highest skyscraper in the western part of this district.
  2. Outside the science center’s wall, find something big that once was small – Scan the atom statue near the entrance of the science center, the building is in the northern part of the district.
  3. In Bakerline, a renter’s choice, and there resides the people’s voice – Scan the 1983 Sullivan Place orange sing on an apartment building in the center of the district.

Racine – All Riddle Solutions

  1. With claws beneath and sea ahead, a cold box for Gotham’s swimming dead – Scan the container with a North Refrigeration sign in Dock 4, in the north-east corner of the district.
  2. A venue fit for ancient Greece, watch thrilling tales of war and peace – Scan the amphitheater on the east side of the district, near the Hall of Justice.
  3. Within: League statues, silver smirks. Without: These golden waterworks – Scan the golden fountain in front of the Hall of Justice in the south part of the district.

Riddler’s Riddles Reward

After solving 5 Riddles, you’ll unlock The Right Question trophy. Solving all 21 Riddles will earn you The Real Deal trophy.

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