Microsoft Flight Simulator Boeing 777 by PMDG Gets First Spectacular Flight Deck Screenshots

Today Microsoft Flight Simulator developers shared new assets about upcoming aircraft add-ons and released a relevant new airport. 

We start with PMDG, which provided the very first look at the flight deck of the Boeing 777.

The developer provided four images, and detailed explanations for each via CEO Robert Randazzo, as you can read below.

The 777 beta process continues at speed, with another beta having been delivered to the team last night. The last couple of weeks have seen us focused on finding/killing some conflicts between our C++ code and the Clang compiler. Clang (which is used by msfs) is a bit less graceful in how it handles certain problems that naturally appear in the life of source code- so it is important to capture and kill these conflicts as they result in stability issues for the end user- which we do not want. The beta team has been magnificent in helping us to replicate the events we have seen, and then verify through testing that the fixes are proper.

As we begin to look forward to release, we are in the process of creating detail preview images, and yes- even some video! Look for these to begin rolling out here… This is a natural indication that we are feeling pretty good about the overall project and starting to thumb through the calendar for suitable release timelines. As with the 737 initial release- we will give you some warning, and once we feel the date is fixed I will share that date with you. Currently we have a “window” but that window is fairly wide, as we still have some features in the stack to be added to the project that haven’t been implemented yet- and we want to get through those.

This week was planned to be “flight deck preview” weekend, but I’ve had Vin on the road for quite a bit the past two weeks, so instead of a full flightdeck preview, I asked Vin if he would give me a few images showing off some detail level that makes him particularly happy. Vin has been modeling the cockpits of PMDG products since 2001- and like Jason he has spent a lot of time over those 23 years with his nose pressed to images and diagrams looking at fine details that previous simulators couldn’t possibly model well.

With MSFS however- the game changed (literally! HA!) and since each product line is a learning experience- the 777 has benefited tremendously from the experience we gained with the DC-6 and the 737. We have been able to leverage our industry resources, data collection, technology and the raw skill present in Vin and Jason to create what we think is the finest 777 simulation yet created outside of the enterprise environment. (And- both PMDG and Boeing would argue- probably the finest desktop simulation even inside the enterprise environment- but more on that later!)

Microsoft Flight Simulator PMDG 777

You can see the subtleties in detailing inside the Korrey switches in this image, with a slightly rounded surface that unrolls to expose the status indication underneath with the switch is pushed to it’s locked position. Likewise you can see the subtle structure of the spring mechanism that works to close the switch guard on the left and right fuel dump nozzles. I have disassembled korrey switches for vin so that he can see how these mechanisms work- and that helps him to build a simulation of the animation that looks proper- and functions correctly.

Microsoft Flight Simuator PMDG Boeing 777 

Another area we are really happy with is the fine detailing of surfaces and the use of materials quality to give them a life-like look in sim. You can see in this image the texturing of the velcro strap is quite fine, and the vapor permissive surface of the bulkhead upon which the device is mounted really stands out when you get up close to it in the sim. Subtle details of the screw head and the joint piping are also present- and these details really bring together the entire flight deck even though you might not notice them individually at first.

Microsoft Flight Simulator PMDG Boeing 777

A few more environmental images for you, that show the high detail level of the cockpit surrounds. With the exceptional level of access we have through our industry partners, we have been able to go back and compare our results to the actual airplane to ensure that we get capture the airplane properly- and I think we have certainly done that here. Details such as the window opening/latching mechanism and the hardware that hold it together are all really evident in this image, as well as the structure of the work table that can be folded down when needed.

Microsoft Flight Simulator PMDG Boeing 777

In this last image- my favorite stand-out details are the high-viz vest rumpled up in the storage locker to the right of the cockpit door- and the bags present in the crew bag storage locker behind the captain’s seat. There is also even quite a bit of detail in the headset storage locker above the captain’s head. The non-skid strips on the shelf behind the captain’s seat are also present, and the texturing is such that it almost seems like you can rub your hand along the rough surface. They are little things, but when seen as a whole they really make the entire flight deck look and feel real.

Randazzo concludes by mentioning that the team has a few busy weeks ahead, and they’re certain that the aircraft will meet even the highest expectations. 

We then get to take a good look at the Seafire Mk.III by Flight Replicas. The developer mentions that it’s very much a work in progress, but it’s far enough in development to show.

Orbx released Gold Coast Airport (YBCG) in Australia, and it’s available on Orbx Direct for $16.20.

It comes with the following features. 

  • High-quality rendition of Gold Coast airport
  • 2024 Updated airport layout
  • 4k textures
  • Animated Jetways with sounds
  • Interior on the main terminal
  • Unique GSE vehicles
  • Incredible attention to detail for both land and airside
  • Highly optimized for performance
  • Dynamic airport lighting
  • Custom taxiways signs
  • Detailed ground markings

As usual, I leave you with the mention that you can find daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news here on TechRaptor, to keep you updated on the ins and outs of the add-on industry.

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