How to fix 'Continue Installation without Flag Settings' error on Roblox

After years of exploring the Roblox platform, I of all people know that it’s no stranger to errors, bugs, and glitches, but that doesn’t make experiencing them any less annoying—especially when they’re ones I don’t even understand! Though this particular error does come with a description when it appears, said description doesn’t offer much actual information and can be confusing, which is why I’ve created the brief guide below that explains how you can fix it.

What does ‘Continue Installation without Flag Settings’ mean?

This entire error is rather confusing, so I’ll try my best to break it down as much as I can, and as simply as I can. First, it’s important to know what a “flag” is, and no, not the physical flag that billows in the wind, a digital flag; one that’s used in programming. In this context, a flag is a piece of code that’s used to signal the beginning of a process inside a computer. When a flag is noticed by a computer, it will trigger said computer to read the information “written on” the flag, and then do whatever the information instructs.

A flag is normally “placed” at the beginning of large processes, ie. before the process of starting up an application. As expected, this makes flags very important, and means that if a flag gets messed up or bugged, issues will begin to arise and the process the computer is trying to begin will fail.

Alongside a flag, there’s also normally a bootstrapper, which is a piece of code that essentially serves as the flag’s next in command. After a computer “reads” a flag, it tells the bootstrapper to begin working on whatever the flag instructs. For Roblox, and for many other applications, the flag instructs the bootstrapper to verify all necessary files, configure any necessary memory, install any required updates, prepare the entry point, and just make sure that everything is in order so that the user of said computer (you) doesn’t run into any issues when loading into the application.

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Remember, this is all behind the scenes programming that you never see and have no real control over—it’s an automated process that’s meant to work without a hitch. When hitches do happen, however, whether with the flag’s ability to be recognized or the bootstrapper’s ability to process properly, or something else entirely, the application will error (cue the Continue Installation without Flag Settings error) and be unusable until it’s fixed. This is where you come in!

How to fix error ‘Continue Installation without Flag Settings’ on Roblox

After researching across the internet, it seems this error is a bit of an enigma—it can occur for many different reasons and doesn’t seem to have one specific fix. With that being said, however, I’ve compiled all the information I could find in the bullet points below. Hopefully something I list can be helpful to you!

  • The easiest solution that I would recommend trying first is: uninstall Roblox fully, restart your computer, and download Roblox again (from the website, not your PC’s app store!).
  • In my research, I found that many people credit this error to an administrative issue, which means the admin settings on an individual’s computer may be the culprit. In some cases, admin settings (or privileges) can become glitched or reset while playing a game, or even just using your computer. When this happens, the computer (more specifically the bootstrapper) will think it doesn’t have permission to complete certain tasks that a flag has told it to do, such as viewing and checking files and other pre-launch requirements.
    • To fix this, access your Roblox app from your files or finder and specify its privilege level to run as an administrator. If this doesn’t work, try deleting and reinstalling the Roblox app from your PC and then doing the same thing.

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  • Similar to the bullet above, other users found that their antivirus was causing issues with their bootstrapper, and that having it on was stopping the bootstrapper from being able to access the files it needed to. Upon turning off their antivirus, they were able to use Roblox like normal.
    • If this fixes your issue, I would recommend trying a different antivirus rather than just leaving your current one off. It’s always best to be protected!
  • I also read a comment from a Reddit user who said that deleting Roblox from their PC, disconnecting their PC from the Wi-Fi, connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot, and then downloading Roblox again while on said hotspot fixed the problem. When they reconnected to their normal Wi-Fi, the application opened without issue.


As mentioned above, there’s no one right answer as to how this error can be fixed, but hopefully this guide was able to explain the error to you a bit more and help you understand what it means, even if just slightly! If you receive this error code consistently, however, and none of the tips in this guide help, you may need to contact Roblox support directly and explain your situation.

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