Four kinds of space heaters and what they're good for


Cooler temperatures show no sign of heating up just yet. One of the best ways to cut down on winter heating bills and stay cozy in 2024 is by adding a space heater to your home or office. Space heaters range from small, portable appliances that keep your feet toasty under a desk to large heaters that can warm up a large living room space.

Before you turn up the heat with a new space heater, it’s important to know what type of heater will best suit your space, and how to stay safe while using it.

Four kinds of space heaters and what they’re good for

While there are many kinds of space heaters on the market, we’ve narrowed down the four types most commonly used for home and office use. Some heaters fall into multiple categories. For example, ceramic heaters are also electric, but ceramic heaters heat a ceramic plate or coils to create warmth, while electric heaters use a heated filament to warm up.

For small spaces: Lasko adjustable ceramic space heater



To heat a small space like an office or bedroom, we like ceramic heaters. Ceramic space heaters use a ceramic roll with metal coils to blow heat around the room. They’re generally small, lightweight and can heat a room fast, but they’ll only heat what’s directly in front of them. In addition, ceramic heaters can dry out the air in the room.

Proof that good things come in small packages, Lasko makes a standout electric space heater. This ceramic heater features a tip-over safety switch, an extra-long cord, overheat protection and a thermostat.

This heater uses a ceramic coiling system to heat up your home or office, offering two heating settings (high and low), plus a fan option for when the temperature’s right, but you want to keep air moving.

Unlike many ceramic heaters, this Lasko heater stays cool to the touch thanks to heater’s self-regulating heating element. 

This ceramic heater is on sale at Amazon for $35, reduced from $40.

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For medium-sized rooms: Trustech 26″ oscillating tower heater



To heat up medium-size rooms, consider an oscillating heater. When it comes to heating medium to large spaces, including an open floor plan living room, we recommend oscillating space heaters. Because they rotate, oscillating heaters can move more air to more parts of the room or space. 

Featuring an ability to rotate 60 degrees, this tower space heater begins to warm up your space within seconds. This heater offers three modes, including Eco mode, which adapts heat to maintain a certain pre-selected heat range, saving energy along the way.

This heater has both a clear touch panel and a convenient remote control, allowing you to control the heater with one single, convenient touch. It also features a calming visual flame effect, which can serve as a terrific ambient light.

Made from flame retardant materials, this heater features tip-over protection, overheating protection and an enhanced plug design to improve electrical safety.

This heater is currently on sale at Amazon for $120, reduced from $160.

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For large spaces: De’Longhi Dragon radiator heater



Consider a radiator heater for large spaces: Radiator space heaters can heat up a living room or open area in a matter of minutes. They use convection electrical heating to warm up your space. Some radiator heaters can be hot to the touch, which means pet owners and parents of small children should choose another type of space heater or choose a radiator heater with a cool-touch feature.

De’Longhi delivers an easy-to-use radiator space heater, featuring a unique design constructed with more radiant surface than similar models. This heater promises to rapidly warm your space and distribute warm air quickly.

While some space heaters can overwhelm a space with dry, hot air, this radiator heater delivers gentle, convection-heated, warm air. Because this heater doesn’t use a fan, it won’t kick up dust, dirt, pet hair and pollen. 

A highlight here is the Eco Plus feature, which optimizes energy consumption and regulates air flow and temperature, managing comfort and energy use.

There is a rear handle and wheels (which require no installation) that make this heater easy to move. It features a 24-hour timer.

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Best combination space heater: Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07



For heating and cooling, or a heater that also features an air purifier, combination space heaters are worth the investment. Combination space heaters can be pricey. But if you’re in the market for a top-quality space heater, an air purifier and a cooling fan, you’ll save on clutter and cost with one appliance that does it all.

The Dyson Purifier Hot + Cool HP07 combines intelligent air sensing with an advanced filtration system whose filter removes gases and odors. A HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in size.

This machine oscillates 350 degrees and quietly monitors the air quality while you sleep while in its night mode. The Dyson HP07 can heat and filter the air in an entire room. When it’s warm out, it can be used as a powerful cooling fan.

This heater works with a remote control (included) or with voice control and features an easy-to-change filter.

The space heater comes in black/nickel or white. The black/nickel option is currently on sale at Dyson for $600, reduced from $750. Dyson offers free shipping.

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Are space heaters safe?

Most space heaters now come with anti-tipping features and auto-shut off features, but space heaters should never be left unattended. Don’t leave a space heater on when you’re sleeping or not at home. Likewise, space heaters aren’t meant to be used with an extension cord since the power draw of the heater might overwhelm the extension cord.

To avoid a fire, keep your space heater far from curtains, couches, papers and any flammable materials. Place your space heater on the floor, never on furniture. And make sure kids and pets steer clear of a space heater at all times.

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