Emilie Rae's Simp Wine: Getting drunk on the bevvy for foot fetishists

There’s no greater time to be a porn fan. Sex is abundant online, with content catering to even the most obscure fantasies (for better or worse); you can get closer than ever to your favourite adult creators via sites like OnlyFans; and advances in AI mean you can now talk to literal — okay, digital — clones of porn stars. This heyday spreads beyond the internet, too. You can, for example, buy creators’ dirty underwear, or, taking it up a notch, you can fuck masturbation sleeves, dildos, and even life-size sex robots moulded from their bodies.

But, unless an adult creator happens to have a side business as some kind of chef — or unless you eat the underwear they send you — there’s not much on the market for a porn fan to ingest. Well, until now.


Diary of an OnlyFans queen at AVN

Specifically, if you’re into feet, you’re in luck, as UK-based OnlyFans creator Emilie Rae has launched the first-ever wine for foot fetishists, made with grapes crushed by her very own feet. Created in collaboration with east London’s Renegade Urban Winery, the result is Simp Wine, a limited edition cabernet sauvignon, named after Rae’s dedicated fanbase of simps (non-derogatory) — which, this week, included me.

The Simp Wine experience

Unfortunately, as I didn’t plan ahead, I ended up drinking the £100 ($126) bottle with, er, a jacket potato, which isn’t the right pairing when you’re trying to embrace the sensuality and lusciousness of a foot-crushed grape. Still, I did have a few pensive gulps before I tucked into my plate of carbs, and it was, as the press release promises, full-bodied, mouthwatering, and delicious. 

My boyfriend and I also made some additional journalistic notes: It had a bright, vibrant profile with fresh flavours and a subtle depth. It smelled fruity, and it didn’t overstay its welcome on your palate after a hearty sip. The phrase “summery red” was thrown about. We even did a taste test with a supermarket Rioja we had open, which was, in comparison, undrinkable. So, a glowing review. (I couldn’t taste any notes of Rae’s “perfect feet,” as described by her fans, but I liked knowing they’d been involved. I also don’t think you’re supposed to taste feet.)

hand holding bottle of simp wine

The author’s own bottle of Simp Wine.
Credit: Brit Dawson

“It’s turned out better than I could have ever imagined,” Rae tells me. “It’s made with Spanish grapes and some from Lebanon, so it’s got depth. Even the wine snobs will want to give it a go.”

Wine snobs aside, it’s the foot fanatics that’ll be stocking up. Rae has become somewhat of a foot fetish icon in the years since she embarked on her OnlyFans career back in 2018 — though she didn’t set out to attain this title. “In 2019, I started on Studio 66 on the Babe Channels,” she explains, referring to adult TV channels in the UK, where viewers can communicate live with presenters. “And I was in an office set with my feet up on the desk, in stilettos, and I had a caller who said, ‘Can you take your shoes off please?’ From that moment, every single call I got was a foot fetish call. And I love talking to them; they’re so respectful.”

I couldn’t taste any notes of Rae’s “perfect feet,” as described by her fans, but I liked knowing they’d been involved.

It wasn’t until she moved this content over to her OnlyFans, though, that she started getting the really fun requests. Her fans, like a lot of people (hello, pedal pumping, trampling, and crush fetishists), are particularly into the crushing action. “They like to see me squishing my toes in stuff, so birthday cakes, custard, syrup, honey, baked beans. I hate beans,” she says. “The messier my feet, the better.”

Mashable After Dark

Beyond content, Rae goes to a foot fetish event once a month, where she does trampling, aka stamping on people’s faces and chests with her shoes on. “People also like really dirty feet and want to lick the entirety of my foot, or even my shoe, with filth on it. That has me gagging a bit, but they love it.”

So, then, grape-crushing is the logical next step for Rae. Besides, as wine connoisseurs know, grape-treading is actually the traditional method of winemaking — a tactile way of extracting the juice from the grape to start the fermentation process. Although it’s largely obsolete now, aside from dedicated festivals and the occasional foot fetish wine, it was the go-to method in the history of winemaking, only abandoned when industrial methods took off. 

“Wine is one of the last product bastions that’s shrouded in pretentiousness,” says Warwick Smith, the founder of Renegade Urban Winery, “with layers of nonsense in its marketing, all about the vineyard and the family that owns the land. But the truth is, most wine that we drink these days is made in huge warehouses by people in hard hats and high vis jackets.” Even the smaller wineries, like Renegade, don’t do grape-treading, in part because, as Smith says, “people don’t want body parts touching their food products,” but also because it’s time-consuming and unpredictable.

How Simp Wine came to be

So, how did Rae luck out with Renegade? “There’s not many wineries that would embrace doing something radical like this,” Smith continues. “But we make really innovative, game-changing wine, and aim to push the boundaries of what people would find acceptable or normal. So, we thought, fuck it, why not?”

It was important to both Smith and Rae that the wine wasn’t just a novelty item, but something people would actually want to drink. But, due to the time of year and time constraints, they had to make some adjustments to their initial idea. “If we wanted to make red wine 100 percent from Emilie’s feet, we’d have to press the grapes, ferment them, filtrate them to barrel, and age them, so we’d probably be releasing this wine in 2026,” says Smith. “So instead, we used a base of a wine that we made in 2021, an organic cabernet sauvignon from northern Spanish grapes, and then sourced grapes from Lebanon for Emilie to crush and add in.” 

foot holding up tray of simp wine with hand reaching for it

Grapes Emilie Rae crushed made their way into Simp Wine.
Credit: Simp Wine

To make the wine, Rae arrived at Renegade in her best ball gown — she wanted to be “classy and not too sexy” — and first had to sanitise her feet (a bummer for her shoe-licking fans), before stepping into a bin-lined half-barrel filled with the Lebanon grapes.

“I don’t know how many were in there,” she says, “but it was a lot. And it was freezing cold.”

Rae was instructed to march on the spot. “I could feel the grapes pop under my feet, and the more that got crushed, the slippier it got. I almost lost my life once because I slipped, so we had to get a non-slip mat, and then a chair because it got too dangerous to stand up.” Mmm, subtle notes of peril and furniture. “It was really fun,” Rae adds. “I was excited to have a new sensation because [none of my fans] have asked for grape-crushing before.”

Whether they asked for it or not, Simp Wine is dedicated to these fans, as evidenced by its name. “Simp can be quite a derogatory term for people who are fans,” explains Rae, “but I want to turn it into a positive word. I want it to be a cool thing to be called a simp.” Also, she adds, if it was named something to do with her feet directly, people probably wouldn’t buy it.

So, then, what do her fans make of the idea? “Sexy, very authentic,” one anonymous foot fetishist tells me via text. “I’m intrigued.” Though, they add, while the product and concept sound “amazing,” they would feel indifferent drinking grapes crushed by Rae, as they’ve “had the pleasure of her beautiful feet, which already taste like exotic fruit.” And really, can you get a better review than that?

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