The four-day India Art Fair is in full swing, showcasing a dazzling array of contemporary art. The venue is replete with all the quintessential bearings of an international art show, from kiosks representing various generations of artists and artworks to tech-enabled live art classrooms. It is here we caught up with artists who with the help of technology are finding new ways of creative expression.

Through their audio-visual artworks, a panoramic canvas that comes to life with Augmented Reality, and a unique labyrinthine game, these artists are showcasing how iPads and some nifty tools are changing the face of art. The theme of this year’s project is ‘Force of Nature’.

“I have created this ideal world, specific to India. A world that we would like to live in right now. If we look at our future from today, how do we see these ideal future beings? How can we co-exist with the organisms around us, with nature, all the while keeping in mind that we are urbanised and there is technology,” said Mumbai-based muralist and illustrator Sadhna Prasad, who created a digital illustration using the Procreate Dreams on iPad Pro.

sadhna prasad ipad art Sadhna Prasad’s large mural ‘I will be back’ that she created using Procreate on iPad Pro. (Image: Bijin Jose/The Indian Express)

Talking about the technology, Prasad said that Procreate on iPad and Apple Pencil, aligned with her MacBook Pro make it perfect for any artist. From ideation to the final work, it took Prasad nearly two months. “It is very detailed and I wanted to cover every aspect of all the practices we do today really well,” quipped Prasad. Her work ‘I will be back’, requires users to hold and pan an iPad in front of the mural to witness the future dissolve into another. One can see the intricate details and the thoughtfully placed elements in the artwork upon closely panning the iPad.

Interactive fiction with gaming

Artist and writer Dhruv Jani’s video game installation, ‘It Takes A Long Time To Grow A Mountain’, explores the subterranean quest to discover the seed that gave rise to the Western Ghats mountain range. The game, developed using a MacBook Pro with M3 Max, delves into a local myth involving a man’s search for water awakening gods beneath the earth, leading to the creation of the Western Ghats.

Festive offer
dhruv jani artwork Interactive fiction artwork that fuses gaming displayed at the India Art Fair, New Delhi. (Image: Bijin Jose/The Indian Express)

Jani, who is the founder of Studio Oleomingus, draws inspiration from the theme “Forces of Nature” to examine geological time and human influence on natural processes. The project involves poetry, fables, and intricate 3D modeling, created using tools like Substance and SketchUp. “We typically work with interactive fiction and its intersection with post-colonial writing. We are deeply interested in stories that emerge from borders, identities and geological processes. The game is set within these questions or explorations,” said Jani who draws inspiration from celebrated Indian poet late Arun Kolatkar.

Along with the interactive game, viewers can also hear audio stories. According to Jani, each story talks about the conflation of faith and geology and our attempts to corral as forces that we can barely control.

Avian ecology through a new prism

Ornithoscope is a collaborative work by Aaron Myles Pereira and Ameya Shinde. The duo used MacBook Pro and iPad Pro, to create the immersive audiovisual experience that allows audiences to explore the changes in India’s avian biodiversity over the past 15 years.

myles art ipad macbook Myles, a multidisciplinary artist collaborated with Shinde a visual artist to create the unique audio-visual art installation. (Image: Bijin Jose/The Indian Express)

Pereira, a multidisciplinary artist and musician, designs interactive soundscapes, collaborating with Shinde, a visual artist inspired by people and places. The installation highlights the decline in bird populations through a simple setup of iPad Pro, projection screen, and speakers, enabling users to experience changing bird sounds from 2008 to 2022 while viewing Shinde’s region-specific artworks.

“Ornithoscope celebrates the varied avian ecology in the country at the same time it highlights the rate of their decline due to factors such as climate change, deforestation, and urbanisation,” said Myles. The artwork has created the sounds and corresponding visuals of avian varieties according to states in a span of 15 years. Viewers need to move around the orb on the iPad to view and listen.

“Creating the software for the artwork didn’t take long. The research was time-consuming, especially gathering the data, cleaning it up and arranging it. We have selected close to 20-30 sounds per state and about 5-6 per year. Ensuring they sound consistent across devices, and ensure that they are all tagged appropriately. Amey had to observe the images of the birds from each state, working on the traditional motifs from each state and coming up with artwork,” explained Myles, talking about the journey of the artwork.

Explore your creativity

All three artworks are currently being displayed at the India Art Fair that is being held from February 1 to February 4 at NSIC Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi. Besides, this year’s digital artists in residence will showcase their work at the Digital Residency Hub within The Studio, leading Today at Apple sessions from February 1-4 with the theme ‘Forces of Nature’. Attendees can collaborate on interactive pieces, understand the creative processes, and design visuals inspired by bird sounds using iPad and Apple Pencil. Interactive workshops and sessions for all ages aim to enhance creativity with Apple devices, celebrating the 15th anniversary of the India Art Fair.

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