Anime Spirits Codes (February 2024)

Updated: February 4, 2024

We added the latest codes!

Anime Spirits is a fighting game in Roblox where you can travel the world and go on adventures using various Souls (abilities) inspired by many anime faves. I find the idea of flying on Goku’s Nimbus thrilling, as I’m sure many of us wanted to do this as kids. And, of course, I’ve loved nothing more than using the Kamehameha powers to blast my enemies.

There are various rewards you can get by redeeming Anime Spirits Codes. First, you can get Race Spins to change your race. I was lucky to get the Legendary Otsutski race. You can redeem Perk Spins to get more health, a 10% luck boost, etc. You can also redeem codes for gems that you can use to buy more Race and Perk Spins. There are even codes for an EXP boost and a full stat reset. If you want more anime-inspired Roblox games, check out A One Piece Game Codes.

All Anime Spirits Codes List

Anime Spirits Codes (Working)

  • 30KLIKES—Redeem for 10 Race/Perk Spins (New)
  • MYTHICANTARI—Redeem for 3 Race/Perk Spins and 250 Gems (New)
  • THESTATUE—Redeem for 5 Race/Perk Spins and 500 Gems (New)
  • DAILYREWARDSFIX—Redeem for 10 Race/Perk Spins and x2 Exp for 30 Minutes (New)
  • MYTHICSONGJINVOO—Redeem for 5 Race/Perk Spins and 200 Gems (New)
  • FORTHEFIXES—Redeem for 10 Race/Perk Spins and 250 Gems
  • RIMUROSHARD—Redeem for a Free Rimuro Shard
  • MYTHICRIMURO—Redeem for 5 Race/Perk Spins
  • 25KLIKES—Redeem for 10 Race/Perk Spins
  • ANOTHERFIX—Redeem for 10 Race/Perk Spins
  • EXPYEAHH—Redeem for x2 Exp for 30 Minutes
  • ITADORUSHARD—Redeem for a Free Itadoru Shard
  • SIXEYE—Redeem for a Free Six Eye
  • MYTHICGOJOH—Redeem for 5 Race/Perk Spins and 200 Gems
  • 20KLIKESYEAHH—Redeem for 10 Race/Perk Spins
  • YUTOUPDATE—Redeem for 500 Gems
  • CURSEDFINGER—Redeem for a Free Finger
  • SANTASGIFT—Redeem for 10 Race/Perk Spins
  • MOREFIXES—Redeem for x2 Exp for 15 Minutes
  • 2MILLVISITS—Redeem for 2 Race/Perk Spins
  • 10KLIKES—Redeem for x2 Exp for 30 Minutes and 10 Race/Perk Spins

Anime Spirits Codes (Expired)

  • MYTHICALSAKUNO—Redeem for 5 Race/Perk Spins and 200 Gems
  • TRADING—Redeem for 2 Race/Perk Spins
  • NPCFIXES—Redeem for 5 Race/Perk Spins and 200 Gems
  • EVENMOREFIXES—Redeem for 5 Race/Perk Spins and 200 Gems
  • CHRISTMASPART1—Redeem for 5 Race/Perk Spins
  • ITADORUUPDATE—Redeem for 500 Gems
  • GOJOHUPDATE—Redeem for 3 Race/Perk Spins
  • FREESOUL—Redeem for a Free Soul
  • UPDATE2—Redeem for 3 Race/Perk Spins
  • UPDATE1—Redeem for 100 Gems
  • 500KVISITS—Redeem for 100 Gems
  • 3KLIKES—Redeem for 150 Gems and 3 Race/Perks Spins
  • 1KLIKES—Redeem for 150 gems
  • RELEASE—Redeem for 3 Race Spins and 3 Perk Spins
  • DOUBLEEXP—Redeem for double EXP for 15 minutes
  • 5KLIKES—Redeem for 2 Race Spins and 2 Perk Spins
  • FIXES—Redeem for 2 Race Spins and 2 Perk Spins
  • TAKLAMAN—Redeem for 5 Perk Spins
  • RESETSTATS—Redeem for a Stat Reset

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How to redeem codes in Anime Spirits Codes

Follow the instructions below to redeem codes in Anime Spirits.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  1. Launch Anime Spirits on Roblox. 
  2. Click on the Menu button in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the Codes button to open the Enter Code text box.
  4. Enter working codes into the Enter Code text box.
  5. Click on the Redeem code button to claim your free reward. 

How to get more Anime Spirits codes

The developer will be posting new codes on their social media. Follow their official @Taklaman1 X account or join the Takla Productions Discord server. You can also get new codes on the developer’s Taklaman Youtube channel in Anime Spirits videos. So make sure to watch all their new videos just in case a new one is added.

Why are my Anime Spirits codes not working?

If your codes aren’t working, first check your spelling. You might have made a mistake when typing. Instead, copy and paste your codes into the codes text box to avoid this. It could also be that they are expired. There may not be a clear deadline set for the codes, but the developers will sometimes choose to expire them. Try to use all active codes as soon as you can.

What are the Souls in Anime Spirits

The Souls in Anime Spirits are abilities that give you special powers and spawn every half an hour. Here’s a list of all the Souls you can find.

  • Invisible Soul – Turn completely invisible, drains your energy.
  • Buggy Soul – Use devil fruit powers based on Buggy’s powers.
  • Sakura Soul – Use a special attack and medical ninjutsu based on Sakura’s powers.
  • Krillin Soul – Use four special attacks based on Krillin’s powers.
  • Frieza Soul – Use four special attacks based on Frieza’s powers.
  • Goku Soul – Use four special attacks based on Goku’s powers.
  • Naruto Soul – Use four special attacks based on Naruto’s powers.
  • Luffy Soul – Use four special attacks based on Luffy’s powers.
  • Broly Soul – Use six special attacks based on Broly’s powers.
  • Enel Soul – Use six special attacks based on Enel’s powers.

What is Anime Spirits?

Anime Spirits is a Roblox fighting game inspired by A One Piece game and Project XL. However, this game doesn’t contain just one anime but many of the most popular ones. And the developers are looking at future big updates to add more, like Attack on Titan and One Punch Man. I’m hoping we get some Jujutsu Kaisen Souls, as I would love to see a Gojo Satoru Soul.

If you’re looking for codes for other games, we have a ton of them in our Roblox Game Codes post! You can also get a bunch of free stuff via our Roblox Promo Codes page.

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