“We distinguish ourselves as a marketplace of specialised, high-quality AI tools,” says Rohit Das, co-founder of Vondy AI, which recently launched an all-in-one AI platform. Das’s company is not alone, with AI tools proliferating rapidly, more and more companies are joining the race. 

It all began with OpenAI unveiling its AI chatbot  ChatGPT in November 2022. The chatbot became an overnight success prompting many tech companies to create their versions of the AI tool. From Google to Meta, Hugging Face to Anthropic, Inflection AI to Perplexity AI, there is a plethora of AI startups trying their hands at creating AI tools or assistants with various use cases. With so many players, it is virtually difficult to distinguish oneself in the sea of AI tools and start-ups innovating in this realm. 

“We distinguish ourselves as a marketplace of specialised, high-quality AI tools. Unlike generic AI assistants or single-purpose tools, Vondy offers a curated collection of multi-modal services. You can generate stock images for your website with our AI image generators, talk to an AI fitness coach, or debate Socrates, all on one platform,” Das told about the USP of the platform which he co-founded along with software engineer David Laub. 

The journey of Vondy AI

Das and Laub, both alumni of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, have been planning to co-found a startup since the day they first met in college. “Vondy was the colloquial name for the campus coffee shop where we did some of our best (and worst) brainstorming.” Since both Das and Laub were the only two full-time employees working on Vondy, they leveraged AI extensively. Das said that it is their collective mission to empower anyone in the world who chooses to embark on an innovation journey in AI.  

When asked about the technology behind Vondy AI and their approach to user privacy and safety, the Indian-American software engineer stated that they are laser-focussed on the customer experience. He added that his team at Vondy AI is employing and developing models that enable the highest-quality applications on the platform. 

Festive offer

“The rate at which open-source models are progressing is particularly interesting to us. We also believe in empowering users without compromising their safety, which is why we have built top-tier authentication and moderation into the platform from the beginning,” Das said. 

AI for Indian businesses

When it comes to AI, India is not far behind. Numerous reports suggest that there has been a growing demand for Data Science and AI professionals in India. Similarly, Deloitte’s State of AI in India Study 2022 suggests that businesses in India are taking several concerted actions to accelerate AI adoption. India is increasingly becoming a fertile ground for AI innovation. 

“Our Indian user base is our largest outside of the US. Small businesses have always been a core part of India’s economy, and the more recent tech startup boom has only added to the number of lean organisations that Vondy hopes to supercharge,” Das said when asked how a platform like Vondy AI can help Indian businesses. 

When asked about specific plans for India, Das shared that his company worked with a non-profit Surabhivana Gaushala which used Vondy’s marketing tools to promote their cause. He added that they already have India-specific apps on their platform known as ChaatGPT, which offers users meal inspirations.

Comparisons with ChatGPT and the future of AI

As mentioned above, today, there is an ocean full of AI tools and apps with thousands of companies scrambling to stand out. Any comparisons with ChatGPT or any other popular AI tool are only plausible. When asked about parallels between Vondy AI and ChatGPT, Das said that as of now they are offering an LLM experience similar to ChatGPT with an ecosystem of AI tools that are exclusive to their platform. However, the company has plans to release the V3 of their platform soon with some new features that will be exclusive to Vondy. 

If 2022 saw the launch of ChatGPT, 2023 was the year when the world saw big tech corporations reveal their grand plans for the development and deployment of AI. Sharing his thoughts on the current pace of AI development, Das said that it was staggering and that he had no reason to believe that it would slow down anytime soon. “However, the overwhelming majority of people in the world are yet to use applications that harness the latest advances. As these products continue to explode in popularity in the coming years, I think we’ll see individual humans accomplish things previously thought impossible (invent new technologies, discover medical treatments, etc.).”

Das believes that with its growing integration into daily life, AI will be treated as a necessity much like electricity, personal computers, and the internet in the future.

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