20 Best Minecraft 1.19.4 Seeds (February 2024)

The random world generation in Minecraft can be a double-edged sword because you never really know what biome you will spawn in. To make finding the perfect world a little easier, I’ve created this list of the 20 best Minecraft 1.19.4 seeds I’ve seen.

Top 20 World Seeds for Minecraft 1.19.4

From huge caves to sprawling villages and rare terrain generations, these seeds have everything I could want in a really good game of Minecraft.

20 – Badlands Villagers

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 7027307662871551221

Version: Java

These villages call the Desert and the Badlands their home. Follow their suit by building a sandstone base near the ocean, growing durable crops like their special wheat, and using camels to help around your home. A second village a few hundred blocks away can be traded with for materials the first does not have. If you’re looking for a little more adventure, check out the shipwrecks and ocean ruins in the Coral Reef and beyond.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Desert Village 1: -208, -272
Desert Village 2: 96, -320
Large Warm Ocean Ruin Cluster: 168, -216

19 – Nearby Mansion

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -3401185585431897298

Version: Java

This Mansion is within 500 blocks from Spawn, making it close enough to raid at any time but far enough to not pose a threat right after you spawn. The area around it contains several biomes, including Birch Forests, Dark Forests, and a Taiga biome. Checking the water source nearby will reveal a shipwreck and a piece of buried treasure that will help you take down the inhabitants of the Woodland Mansion.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Woodland Mansion: 108, 397

18 – Desert Village Temple

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -6523035689473503529

Version: Java

Walking into this Desert Village makes it seem just like any other in Minecraft. However, looking closely reveals a Desert Temple masquerading as part of the village! You’ll have to decide for yourself if the villagers are unaware of the looming threat, or if they themselves are a part of it. Whatever the truth may be, it’s a fact that both structures will be full of resources to help you survive in a cruel survival world.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Desert Village with Temple: 144, 0
Ruined Portal: 168, 149

17 – River Valley Mansion

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -5623475287299041563

Version: Java

The base of this Woodland Mansion extends from the bank of the river to the top of the hill it lies on. That’s a lot of free cobblestone ripe for the taking! After getting passed the strangely tall base, the Mansion can be looted like others of its kind. Climbing one of the nearby trees should help you get onto the roof while deciding on a plan of attack.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Woodland Mansion: -657, 211

16 – Jungle Desert Duality

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -7048119422785302282

Version: Java and Bedrock

A lush Bamboo Jungle meets a structure-filled Desert in this seed. It’s a particularly sweet deal for Java players, who will be able to find an exposed dark oak mineshaft near Spawn as well as a second oak mineshaft further into the Desert. However, this does not mean Bedrock players are down on their luck! They’ll have both a Desert and a Jungle Temple near Spawn and will be able to find more structures as they travel across the world.

Key Java Locations Key Bedrock Locations
Bamboo Jungle: Spawn Bamboo Jungle: Spawn
Desert: 25, 22 Desert: 25, 22
Pillager Outpost: 25, 263 Jungle Temple: -184, 248
Mineshaft 1: 125, 230 Desert Temple: 136, 136
Mineshaft 2 with Lush Cave: 426, -52 Desert Village: 904, 312
Desert Temple: 364, -153 Pillager Outpost: -808, 120

15 – Massive Mangroves

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 3390138988854981670

Version: Java and Bedrock

Since the release of version 1.19 brought the Mangrove Swamp into Minecraft, every 1.19 fan needs a good Mangrove seed on their list. This seed drops you straight into a huge Mangrove Swamp that is nearly 1,000 blocks wide. Java players will be able to find a Plains Village on the swamp’s outskirts, while Bedrock players will be able to conquer a Witch’s Hut. Regardless of which version you play, you’ll be able to experience the full glory of the Mangrove Swamp in this world.

Key Java Locations Key Bedrock Locations
Mangrove Swamp: Spawn Mangrove Swamp: Spawn
Plains Village: 336, -528 Witch Hut: -808, 184

14 – Giant Multi-Story Lush Cavern

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 4485111066422262125

Version: Java and Bedrock

You would never guess that such a gorgeous, giant Lush Cave is hidden beneath the Desert near Spawn. It spans multiple levels with hundreds of glowberries, moss blocks, and plenty of waterfalls. Players of either edition will be able to find a Desert Village in the surrounding area. Java players will be able to find a buried portal as well, while Bedrock players will be able to loot a Desert Temple.

Key Java Locations Key Bedrock Locations
Lush Cavern Entrance: 513, -7 Lush Cavern Entrance: 513, -7
Tiny Desert Village: 349, 80 Desert Temple: 184, 168
Buried Desert Portal: 130, 6 Desert Village: 376, -296

13 – Sailor’s Home

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 8536927105606767990

Version: Java

The land this village rests on faces a few islands with an expansive Jungle behind it. A Warm Ocean Ruin can be found on the land disguising itself as one of the village’s houses, and a shipwreck is hidden beneath the houses on the water. It’s unclear whether the village or the shipwreck came first, but they’ll both provide you with the resources you need to thrive.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Plains Village with Small Warm Ocean Ruins: 149, 83
Shipwreck: 176, 111
Ruined Portal 1: 81, -250
Ruined Portal 2: 81, 354

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12 – Picture Perfect Start

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 6146085380114214045

Version: Java

This seed is perfect for classic Minecraft lovers. You spawn directly into a Plains Village with all kinds of Forests surrounding you. You can revamp the village with the wood of your choice, build smaller connecting villages, or just gather up the materials to create your own megabase. For a little extra treasure, a shipwreck can be found a short distance away.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Plains Village: Spawn
Shipwreck: -200, -136

11 – Quadruple-City Spawn

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -6071245354347591438

Version: Bedrock

A Roofed Forest lies between four Stony and Frozen Peaks mountains. The mountains themselves form four corners of a square, each harboring the remnants of an Ancient City within their depths. Is there a reason why the cities form a near-perfect square, or is it just a simple coincidence? Only by entering each one can you determine the truth for yourself.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Ancient City 1: 136, -43, 136
Ancient City 2: 152, -43, -296
Ancient City 3: -216, -43, -296
Ancient City 4: -328, -43, 120

10 – Giant Inhabited Island

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 1034307078164957140

Version: Java

This large island is only a day’s trip away from Spawn and is fully inhabited by two separate villages! You could figure out why they have split up on opposing sides of the mountain, creating a path through or around it to bring them together. If that’s not your style, you can take full advantage of the many resources available here to create an awesome starter base. As a bonus, the surrounding waters are filled with enough shipwrecks, Ocean Ruins, and Ocean Monuments to keep your chests full.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Giant Island: -144, 204
Plains Village: -528, 224
Plains Village 2: -704, 160

9 – Jungle Mountains, Jungle Valleys

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 3844319130133302012

Version: Java and Bedrock

Your adventure in this world starts off in a Bamboo Jungle valley between multiple Jungle and Stony Peak mountains. A Lush Cave lies only a few meters away, giving you three different exploration opportunities—venture throughout the Jungle, climb one of the nearby mountains, or dive straight into the Lush Cave! With so many options to pursue, you’ll never get bored of this seed. If you’re not much for adventuring, this seed is also the perfect place to build structures connecting the mountains as well as castles, jungle huts, treehouses, and so much more.

Key Java Locations Key Bedrock Locations
Lush Cave Entrance: -15, 3 Lush Cave Entrance: -15, 3
Jungle Crater in Stony Mountain: -95, -125 Jungle Crater in Stony Mountain: -95, -125
Mineral-Rich Stony Mountain with Lush Cave Entrance: 91, 166, 76 Mineral-Rich Stony Mountain with Lush Cave Entrance: 91, 166, 76
Ruined Portal in Cave: 92, 112, 35 Ruined Portal: -296, 344
Ancient City: 104, -43, 168 Ancient City: 104, -43, 136

8 – Zombified Snowy Village

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -5940976382608390235

Version: Java

A few hundred blocks from Spawn lies a cliffside Snowy Village. At first glance, I thought it was abandoned, but closer inspection shows that its inhabitants have turned into zombies! Attempting to revive the village and save its zombie-field inhabitants would add a fun story to your usual gameplay. If this route doesn’t interest you, there are regular villages to the west, as well as nearby Ancient Cities, igloos, and ocean treasures to uncover.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Zombie Snowy Village: 112, -304
Snowy Village: -288, 176
Igloo with Basement: 40, -200
Ancient City: -680, -51, 72

7 – Monumental Mayhem

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -8359652640437699081

Version: Java

This seed spawns you next to an ocean filled with over a dozen Ocean Monuments! All of the nearby seas also contain many monuments in addition to a multitude of sunken shipwrecks and Ocean Ruins. Aside from the treasure-filled waters, there is a Desert to the east filled with Desert Temples and Villages. A Dark Forest to the southwest contains two Woodland Mansions in close proximity.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Ocean Monument 1: -1,288, 1,704
Ocean Monument 2: 40, 744
Ocean Monument 3: -712, 664

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6 – Dark Oak Fairy Ring

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -6266502937028184238

Version: Bedrock

This seed spawns you at the edge of a Roofed Forest surrounded by a Swamp biome on the outside. The Roofed Forest surrounds a smaller Swamp circle, and from above the brighter green of Roofed Forest appears to form a fairy ring between the muted greens of the two swamps. This is emphasized by the giant mushrooms dotting the landscape, making the forest a perfect place for fantasy-themed builds!

Key Locations and Coordinates
Roofed Forest: Spawn
Witch Hut 1: -392, 248
Witch Hut 2: 344, 168

5 – Giant, Structure-Heavy Desert

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 1370337799881416106

Version: Bedrock

This seed spawns you in a giant Desert biome filled with villages, Desert Temples, and Pillage Outposts! The surrounding areas contain all kinds of biomes, ranging from Badlands to Jungle to Savannah and Plains. There is a small swamp located within the desert as well. On the southwest edge of the desert, a Pillager Outpost in the Savannah is actually hiding a Stronghold beneath it.

Key Locations and Coordinates
Village by Savannah Mountain: 108, 742
Desert Temple: 58, 554
Desert Village 2: 56, -472
Pillager Outpost: -2,360, 1,656
Stronghold: -2,364, 6, 1,700

4 – Exposed Ancient City

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 8193846794005164000

Version: Bedrock

Let’s be honest—Ancient Cities can be intimidating thanks to the many dangers that lurk within the deep darkness. In this seed, if you follow the coordinates mentioned, you will find an Ancient City tucked inside a small ring of Frozen Peaks. What’s more, a gaping hole on the surface of this mountain range gives us a clear view of the Ancient City below. If you ever find yourself at the mercy of a Warden, you’ll know where the exit is!

Key Locations and Coordinates
Exposed Ancient City: 536, -264

3 – Mooshroom Paradise

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -9223372036423807699

Versions: Java and Bedrock

In this seed, you will spawn on an unassuming island with only one tree and not much else within view. However, all you need to do is build a boat with wood from that tree, then head west toward coordinate 0, 0, where you will find perhaps one of the largest mushroom atolls ever. Mushroom biomes are some of the rarest in Minecraft, and the presence of ruined portals, Ocean Monuments, and large cave systems only make this one even more special!

Key Java Locations and Coordinates Key Bedrock Locations and Coordinates
Ocean Monument: 40, 88 Amethyst Geode (Underwater): -27, -42
Shipwreck: -88, -184 Shipwreck: 56, 552
Mushroom Atoll Island: 456, -41 Mushroom Atoll Island: 126, -139
Ruined Portal: 136, 24 Large Cold Ruin: 24, -136
Ocean Monument 2: -232, 616 Ocean Monument: -760, 152

2 – Badlands Lake

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: -436497117887980569

Version: Bedrock and Java

Badlands biomes are a rarity in Minecraft. This seed is made even better due to the presence of a giant lake in the middle of the Badlands valley, making it perfect for a Badlands base creation. A few blocks away from Spawn you will find a Desert Village with multiple towers, with a Savanna Village on an adjacent mountain and tons of Desert and Jungle Temples nearby. If the surface is not enough, dig down to find Lush Caves, Deep Dark biomes, and plenty of ores to mine for resources.

Key Java Locations Key Bedrock Locations
Badlands Lake: -173, -152 Badlands Lake: -173, -152
Desert Temple: -200, 328 Desert Temple: -262, -294
Desert Village: Desert Village: -238, -305

1 – Love Heart Mountain

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides

Seed: 5247087368916921300

Version: Bedrock and Java

This seed spawns you along the cliffs of a large Jagged Peaks biome. The fun part is that this mountain range generates in the shape of a heart, perfect for building your own little haven in the middle of it. It features several abandoned mineshafts for you to explore for resources, as well as an Ancient City hidden beneath the surface.

Key Java Locations Key Bedrock Locations
Ancient City 1: -136, -43, 8 Ancient City 1: 104, -51, 24
Ancient City 2: 216, -43, 56 Ancient City 2: -168, -51, 40
Ancient City 3: -152, -43, -376 Ancient City 3: -232, -51, -264

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