16 Best Deals: Desks, Strollers, and Baby Monitors

January is nearly over, so if your New Year’s resolution was to get your house in order, you’re in luck. This weekend, some of our favorite accessories for home offices and nurseries are on sale, including keyboards, monitors, baby carriers, and strollers.

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Home Office Deals

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flexispot standing desk

Flexispot EN1

Photograph: Amazon

FlexiSpot’s EN1 has everything you’ll want out of a standing desk, like height presets and easy controls, and it’s affordable—our favorite desk from Fully is more than triple the price. The surface is environmentally friendly chipboard, but it doesn’t feel cheap. The instructions aren’t the best, so it took a little longer to put together than other desks we’ve tested.

If you don’t want to stand up while working, this standard computer desk is cheap—even cheaper with the on-page coupon—and comes in a few different sizes and color finishes. The surface is made from particleboard, but it has a sturdy frame. Our model has held up well after more than three years of constant use.

You need a monitor if you work on a laptop all day. No more straining over a cramped screen! This 27-incher from BenQ is great for the price, and it’s big enough to multitask between windows. The 1080p resolution is all most people need, but it can look a little fuzzy if you’re sitting particularly close.

MacBook and iPad connected with Mobile Pixels

Mobile Pixels Slide-Out Monitor

Photograph: Mobile Pixels

If you’re tight on desk space or constantly work on the go, a portable monitor might be a better choice. This Mobile Pixels monitor was our favorite to use, if you don’t mind sticking adhesive magnets to the back of your laptop. Just stick the monitor to the magnets and slide out the display—some other portable monitors still require a surface to balance on, so this one offers easier portability, allowing you to work from a small coffee shop table or even the couch. This 13.3-inch size works best for 13- or 14-inch laptops.

A lot of laptops lack ports, so a good docking station helps get all your accessories plugged in, like a monitor, external keyboard, and mouse. This Plugable docking station supports two monitors with up to 4K resolution, connected via HDMI or DisplayPort. It also has six USB-A ports and an Ethernet jack.

Plugable’s $140 price is steep when you’ve already spent money on your setup. Anker makes reliable products for cheap, and this hub is a nice option that will satisfy most people’s needs. You get ports for two USB-A devices, HDMI and Ethernet cables, plus spots for microSD and SD cards. It supports pass-through charging too, so you can keep your laptop running.

Razer BlackWidow V4 keyboard

Razer BlackWidow V4

Photograph: Razer

Razer’s first customizable mechanical keyboard, the BlackWidow V4 (8/10, WIRED Recommends), has great tactile switches that sound and feel great, but it’s also hot-swappable if you want to change them.

For a nice clicky typing experience, we like Keychron’s TKL Q3 keyboard as well as the full-size Q5 discounted to $164 ($41 off). This Fully Assembled Knob version adds a nice volume control on the top right, but you can ditch that for more money off. It comes with a color-matching USB-C to USB-C cable with a USB-A adapter.

Keychron’s slim keyboard is also great, giving you that nice tactile click in a small package. It connects via Bluetooth and we found a charge usually lasted around four to five days.

Paper Planner Deals

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Happy Planner

Happy Planner

Photograph: Happy Planner

Happy Planners are our favorite paper planners, and this dashboard layout is great for organizing your weeks. A bunch of other layouts are discounted right now too, including specialty planners for budgeting, fitness, and goals. Just read carefully, because some 2023 planners are mixed in.

Ban.do normally has a larger catalog of planners, but right now the few that are available are 25 percent off. This weekly undated planner has enough room for to-do lists and planning, and you can start it whenever without wasting pages.

Parenting Deals

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Thule Shine stroller

Thule Shine Stroller

Photograph: Thule

Thule’s Shine (9/10, WIRED Recommends) is one of our favorite strollers for city living because its slim profile lets you maneuver through busy sidewalks or stores. It has four adjustable heights so parents, grandparents, and babysitters can all push comfortably. The Shine is particularly helpful during the first year. It adapts, facing inward or outward, and it works with both an infant car seat adapter and a bassinet attachment—although you have to purchase those accessories separately.

Thule also makes our favorite jogging stroller if you want to exercise with your kid. WIRED reviewer Nena Farrell said joggers are usually big, but Thule does a good job of being less big—not small, but it could be worse. Farrell loves the hand break in the middle of the handle, which you can just grab and turn.

Cubo AI Baby Monitor and smartphone

Cubo Ai Plus Baby Monitor

Photograph: Cubo

If you’re purchasing from Amazon, make sure the on-page coupon is selected so you get the extra $60 off. This is just under the typical sale price of $221. Cubo’s cute bird monitor has a 1080p lens that provides a crystal clear picture. In the app, set up “danger zone” detection so you’ll get notifications if your child wanders too close to the stairs. It comes with one year of the brand’s premium service, and after that, you’ll have to sign up for a monthly fee.

You probably think of BabyBjörn first when considering baby carriers. The brand has many options, but we like the Carrier Mini best. It’s meant for newborns, so it’s small but can still hold up to 22 pounds. That should get you through year one, at least. Importantly, it’s easy to adjust while you’re wearing it.

If you’re on TikTok, you may have seen Tushbaby’s creator giving over her product to moms on the street. We tested it and found it helped when your child doesn’t want to be restrained but still wants to be held. They can sit comfortably, and it supports your waist while taking pressure off your arms. There’s a regular Tushbaby, but we like this slightly smaller Lite.

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